visually stunning...beautiful to watch - NYC Shorts Fest, June Weddings...similar in structure to James Joyce but the difference here is a female perspective that doesn't require a dissertation to unravel its meaning.  Flavorpill NYC, Eva the Chaste...intense performances and Cassavetes-style camera work... -- Austin Film Festival, June Weddings..elegantly powerful new work..moving and heartbreaking... Flavorpill NYC, on Norman and Beatricecelebrate the love... acknowledgment of little tragedies and challenges in even the most loving relationships. -- The New York Times, Norman and BeatriceThis short almost feels more like a dance than a film... -- Baltimore City Paper, June Weddings...establishes a modern context for the exploration of big, gripping, timeless issues-- ambition and longing, identity, aging, isolation and love. -- Phoebe Lithgow, on Beyond the PaleIn these days of non-stop action, June Weddings is a grown-up feast. Incredibly crafted in writing, acting and directing, it's not since "My Dinner with Andre" that we were reminded of the immense power of pointed dialogue and nuanced relationships. - SF Shorts Fest, June Weddingsan uncommon and uncommonly beautiful play - Jonathan Kalb, Norman and BeatriceEva’s defiant promiscuity reveals both pleasure in “a woman’s deepest simplest and most democratic luxury” and .. that there is nothing original in sin...TIMEOUT NY, Eva the's a story of love that lasts... TIMEOUT NY, Norman and Beatrice...the play culminates, inescapably, at the moment when we know that every bit of romantic fantasy is about to be annihilated by the relentless force of truth. - Travis Chamberlain, on Beyond the PaleThis was not a play. This was one of those dreams that feel like a film or a palpably familiar trip to a place you've never been. This was an invited invasion into the lives of others.   - Shaun Bennett Wilson, on Beyond the Pale...simple, honest, and beautiful... -- Broadway World, Norman and Beatrice”